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    J7 Global is located in Mumtaz City – a housing society in Islamabad, the beautiful capital city of Pakistan. The society offers modern infrastructural facilities and a well-organized system of all basic resources like electrical power supply, natural gas, and water. Mumtaz City introduces a unique concept of suburban, community living to the lifestyle of Islamabad.

    Luxury Hotel

    Islamabad is one of the most visited cities of Pakistan for both tourism purposes (due to its natural beauty and close proximity to other famous tourist destinations), as well as official reasons (because of its importance as the capital city).

    Being only a ten-minute drive away from the new international airport of Islamabad, J7 Global’s Luxury Hotel enjoys an ideal location that enables it to conveniently serve visitors with the supreme serenity and opulence that it promises.

    Other than that, the exclusive suburban living experience that surrounds the Hotel is perfect for tourists looking to relax, away enough from the bustle of the city to offer tranquility but at the same time, close enough to be easily accessible.

    Mega Mall

    Spread over a vast area, Mumtaz City is a huge project due to which, it is bound to have a significant commercial sector. Being the biggest Mall in the housing society, J7 Global Mega Shopping Mall is certain to not only serve as a lucrative investment option, but also offer a highly successful business opportunity.

    Besides, with constant development taking place at a rapid rate in the sector-G extension of Islamabad, a significant commercial project like J7 Global’s Mega Mall is guaranteed to witness immense profitability and offer heavy returns on investment.



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