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Real Estate Investment In Pakistan J7 Global

Real Estate Investment In Pakistan J7 Global

Real Estate Investment In Pakistan

Financial independence and passive income in form of monthly rentals are the biggest considerations that entice people to invest in Pakistan real estate sector. However, deciding where to invest can be a daunting decision for a newbie investor. As if you hang around proclaimed experts or people around you or scrutinize online real estate forums, it is easy to assume that everyone suggests starting with residential properties but just by looking at the profile of wealthy investors, you will realize that they all moved to commercial real estate, eventually.

Therefore, investors and buyers often remain confused over the section that would offer better returns on investment and regular income – investment in residential properties or commercial assets. The real estate experts weigh both options on the available finance because the selection criteria such as location, quality of construction and vacancy rate in the area would remain similar for both kind of properties. Though commercial properties bring better rewards yet the investment is riskier than residential one.

Commercial and residential properties both depict some common characteristics but there are several significant distinctions both asset classes. To get its maximum potential, it is imperative to understand all the pros and cons of investment so that you can make the right investment decision.

Residential vs. Commercial Real Estate

 It is commonly observed that newbie investors tend to invest in residential properties in Pakistan comfortably and switch to commercial investment, after becoming experienced and learning the market trends. Though it does not always work this way, as few investors directly invest into commercial properties, yet starting your investment portfolio with residential properties is more compelling. For instance;

It is easier to get started with the residential real estate investment in Pakistan because it is easier to understand and we all are somehow familiar with running a household. Moreover, it is easier to understand and develop a bond between landlord and tenant, as in several cases, one portion of the home is rented in Pakistan. It is easier to manage expectations and solve the feuds on both sides. It is easier to manage a single tenant or a few more tenants in case of having more than one residential property. And the easiest part is that it takes a very little experience and reasonable budget to invest in a residential property in Pakistan as compared to commercial properties.

Invest in J7 Global Shopping Mall

J7 Global another marvelous project of J7 Group at another supreme location in Mumtaz City at Quaid e Azam road two-sided plot,

14 stories high rise building with two major components,

a five stories mega mall and 4 STAR Hotel (Hotel suites) of various sizes.

Megamall consisting of 4 floors of retail (branded Shops),3rd Floor for Food Court and fun zone for kids, one floor dedicated for services area including Outdoor (open to Sky Swimming pool), Gym, Sauna, Spa and many other services to follow.

Hotel Suites with international Brand (Turkish Hotel)

First time operating in Pakistan Introduced by J7 Group in J7 Global.

Invest at the prime location near Islamabad Airport in Mumtaz city and avail the pre-launch rates to get profits at your investments.

Bookings at 25%

Quarterly instalments 16 (4 year )

  • A ten-minute easy drive from new Islamabad international airport
  • Easy access to Islamabad /Rawalpindi
  • M1 M2 direct access
  • fathe jang road
  • ring road
  • CPEC road
  • two separate entrances
  • two level separate car parking
  • metro bus terminal
  • smart parking
  • cargo lifts /escalator / elevators
  • wide atrium
  • wide corridors
  • extra heighted shop for brands
  • near Bus terminal
  • food courts
  • services
  • hotel suits
  • extra common space
  • ultra lavish design
  • modern architect
  • height plot
  • commercial parking
  • modern security system
  • centrally air conditioning
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